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Tulum Beach Villa Rentals: Luxury Beachfront Getaway

Casa Chic stands as a pinnacle of luxury in Tulum villa rentals, nestled within the vibrant Riviera Maya. It harmoniously blends the allure of Tulum, with close access to the Mayan ruins and the tranquil Caribbean Sea. As you consider the elite array of vacation rentals, Casa Chic distinguishes itself as a premier choice, offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural richness. Each aspect of Casa Chic, from its majestic outdoor swimming pool to the exquisitely designed palapa-style common spaces, is crafted to enhance your stay in the Riviera Maya, making it an unforgettable part of your luxury vacation rentals experience.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Nestled amidst the lush palms of Casa Chic, our outdoor swimming pool is the heart of relaxation and tranquility. As you step onto the main balcony of this Tulum beach villa rental, you are greeted with a breathtaking view of pristine turquoise waters framed by elegant chaise lounges, umbrellas, and large sectionals.
Adjacent to the shimmering Caribbean Sea, the private pool boasts direct beach access, making it a quintessential feature of our Tulum vacation rentals. You can easily transition from the soft white sandy beaches to the cool embrace of the pool waters. And with ample seating for up to 14 people in two distinct outdoor dining areas, the pool is an ideal spot for shared meals, cocktails, or evening chats at our Tulum villas.
The pool, a highlight of our vacation rental, is cleaned every morning.

Private Beach on the Caribbean Sea

Experience the untouched allure of Tulum’s coastline at Casa Chic, a rare beachfront villa located in the hotel zone on Tulum’s main beach in Riviera Maya. At our beachfront villa, where the sand is raked every morning, indulge in relaxation on any of our 5 beach beds shaded by palm trees.
For those looking for beach activities, we offer floaties and boogie boards, as well as snorkeling gear and beach volleyball upon request.

5 Luxury Bedrooms

With five luxurious bedrooms and five modern bathrooms, each with their own king sized bed, private balcony, and shower, you’re promised a blend of comfort and style. For a peaceful night’s sleep, each room is supplied with towels, soft pillows, premium linens, and mosquito net. Our daily maid service provides regular linen and towel changes.
Freshen up in our spacious bathrooms, where you’ll be treated to refreshing showers and premium toiletries in our Tulum villa.

Palapa Style Common Spaces

With its iconic ‘palapa-style’ design rooted in Mayan tradition, Casa Chic was designed in an open living style to bring the ocean and jungle in. It has a magnificently exotic feel as soon as you arrive at our Tulum vacation destination. For those who wish to stay connected or share their experiences, the luxury villa also offers free wifi.
Every day, our staff will drop by to make the beds, sweep, take out the trash and refill the bottled water dispenser in the kitchen.

Tulum Beach

Experience the pristine turquoise waters of Tulum beach, undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking beaches you’ll ever encounter. Located on a stunning 42-kilometer stretch, you’re just minutes away from world-class beach clubs, first-class restaurants, trendy bars, and exquisite boutiques in the Tulum house hotel zone.
Adjacent to Casa Chic lies the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a vast 1.3 million-acre sanctuary. This UNESCO World Heritage Site setting not only boasts a panorama of exotic wildlife but also provides a serene escape from daily life, ensuring complete privacy. At Casa Chic, you find the ideal balance of solitude and exhilaration.
For those interested in the wonders beneath the waves, a snorkeling trip offers a chance to glimpse the enchanting sea turtles and other marine wonders among the second largest reef in the world.

Tulum Guest House: Baby Chic

Baby Chic, a charming miniature version of Casa Chic, is an adorable little palapa nestled right at the doorstep of its parent property. It’s tastefully decorated in the signature Casa Chic style, albeit in a cozier form. Inside, the space is thoughtfully arranged with a king-size bed and a set of single bunk beds, separated by a three-quarter wall for a touch of privacy. Baby Chic contains an open shared bathroom, with the toilet in an enclosed area. Adding to its charm is a small porch at the entrance, welcoming guests into this quaint abode. 

Exclusively available for rent to those already staying at Casa Chic, Baby Chic serves as a perfect, intimate addition within the grounds of the luxury villa

When combined with Casa Chic, we can accommodate up to 14 people. Weekly rentals for Baby Chic are priced at $3,000 US, plus a 16% tax, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability during your Tulum vacation.

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Experience a coastal oasis like no other. Situated right between the serenity of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere and the Tulum beach hotel zone, every moment at Casa Chic’s Tulum villa promises breathtaking views and natural beauty

Casa Chic is currently accepting booking through 2024. View real-time availability, seasonal pricing, and submit your booking request on our bookings page.

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